Saturday, July 4, 2015

More Rowing

We had to do a 1K Erg test for our coach this week... I realize I'm on the "competitive womens" team, but I guess I didn't realize we were actually going to be really hardcore.  I did a test test to just see where in the world I was.  No idea what I should be able to do. I know when we race, they'd like us to be right at 4 minutes or less...  My test test was 4:21.4, 2:10.5 split.  It was pretty bad, I came out way too fast and actually put the handle down at about 750meters.  So.....Did the real thing on Thursday....
4:14.5, 2:07 split, 170watts, watt/weight - 1.36
I was actually pretty satisfied with this.  I definitely paced myself better and I think for me that's pretty respectable.  Of course I have no idea how this will compare to everyone else.  I also wonder if she's going to take weight into consideration?  I'll never pull as hard as some of the bigger ladies, I hope she realizes that.

On the water, It's gotten a little bit better.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to do a little sculling for the first time.  I was REALLY nervous.... We took out a quad with 2 experienced ladies and 2 novices, 2 VERY PATIENT experienced ladies!!!   I must admit the first 30 minutes I was ready to throw in the towel and swim back to the dock.  But, for whatever reason, they wouldn't let me so I had to solider on... I'm glad I did, because by the time we were heading home, there were moments of 'really good' mixed in with the 'okay' moments.  I am concerned because it seems as though my left arm is completely retarded.  My right arm seems totally capable of rowing on it's own, but my left arm does okay and then begins to just flail around like it belongs on a freaking whirlygig!  But, on the whole, I definitely think I'd like to try it again and continuing doing both.

Your blade is supposed to be IN the water Julie...

How about you relax those shoulders Julie....

This one is nice with the reflection

Today at practice we did 5 1000meter race pieces, 3 of them were against the men's fours.  I was dreading, dreading, dreading it!  I do not like sprints!!  The higher stroke rates make me panic just a tad, which makes me grip the oar like it's going to fly out of the boat, which makes my forearm cramp, which makes it hard to feather, which make me suck at rowing.  It's a little bit like the "If you give a mouse a cookie" story except the rowing nightmare version!  But what are you gonna do, once your in the boat, your in the boat until they let you out! :o)
It actually didn't go to badly.  I didn't row like crap, but I didn't row great.  It would have helped if I'd noticed that my foot stretchers had been moved to accommodate what seemed to be a 6 foot giant, but I'm so good at rowing that I didn't even notice until we done rowing.
Racing the men.  We did okay, gave us a little headway, and we held our own for the most part.

What the hell with my splash???  Am I rowing with a shovel?

After the 5th piece, geez, don't they realize we are mostly OLD ladies....and why do I look like I'm going to topple out of the boat sideways?
Overall, and encouraging practice.  1000m is much shorter than I thought, I didn't catch any crabs and I don't think I was any worse than anyone else.  I could be wrong...  

Thursday, July 2, 2015

We are soooo cool! At least in our own minds...

John and I headed out for our first date night in forever!

Yes - it's true... Tesla, Styx and Def Leppard!!  Woot! Woot!  It was a lot of fun!  We missed most of Tesla, because of stupid traffic, but Styx and Def Leppard were great!   We were laughing because as we looked around, the crowd was old! :o)  But then, we're old too!!   There were a few younger kids, I wonder if they were there because mom and dad brought them or if they actually knew who the bands were? :o)
Party toes and Big beer!

An enormous $7.00 rice krispy treat!

A fun night getting our rock on!

Monday, June 29, 2015

1st College visit of the year

We headed out today for our first official college visit of the year.  University of Virginia.  Zack's number one choice.  He has his heart set on UVa; I'm not sure why, except that he did row there last summer so it's really the only college he's had any real exposure to. The tour didn't do anything to dissuade him of his opinion.  We had a gorgeous day, the college is beautiful and I think he'd probably be very happy there.   I think he'd fit in just fine and I think he has a really good chance of getting in.  Just like anything, it will all just depend on how competitive the incoming class is.  He's got to be right up there!  How could they not want a ZACK HYZY representing their school!! :o)

Obviously going to be his favorite eating establishment!  LOL!

Prevented from getting to his man "TJ" by the fences and construction.

So close and yet so far from the man - Thomas Jefferson!

Pondering life as a Cavalier

Next up - in order of interest George Mason, Virginia Tech and William and Mary.  Those are really the only ones he's even interested in.  I love that he has such lofty goals!  I'm sure he'll go where ever he decides he wants to go.  When he puts his mind to something, it's pretty much done.

Friday, June 26, 2015

My boy is making me happy - 2 things

Sitting watching my boy eat... 3 eggs, 2 waffles, a bowl of grapes and half a dozen slices of bacon.  Eat baby eat!!  Still doing the "refugee sit."  He still eats like a camel... nothing but goldfish and fruit snacks for weeks at a time and then suddenly it's cheeseburgers, bacon dogs, eggs and bacon.   I just try and hold on to the eating times! :o)

 I woke up yesterday to this sitting by my phone.  Say What??  What teenage boy wants to get up at 5:00am to go to an Erg class with his mother??  My BOY!  That's who!   He's such a great kid, so off we went and erged away!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Running, Rowing - why is it all so hard??

I'm back trying to get myself running, erging and rowing.  It's not been easy, it seems like since I took May off, I just can't get my groove back on. Although I certainly have my eating groove going on!  The erging is fine - it's a class and I feel guilt if I don't go and work hard when I do, but the rest... it's a struggle.

I'm finding the rowing to be particularly challenging.  I feel like, I just don't feel like, I am, a novice rower trying to hang with the competitive women.  It's challenging to put it mildly.  Everyday I finish practice and I think, "I'm going down to Intermediate, I gotta go down to Intermediate."  There's so much I need to work on that I can't keep it all in my head.  As soon as I focus on one thing, everything else goes to hell.  I practically panic when they bump the stroke rate up and then I tense up and it all gets worse.  I'm a mess.  If I'm being completely honest, I don't think I'm that much worse than everyone else, but it sure feels like it.  If we could just spend all our time rowing at about a 20 and doing drills I'd be perfectly happy.  Doesn't sound much like a competitive woman to me. :o(

And the running....  Geez, it's like I've never run before.   I can't even run a mile without having to stop and walk.  I might as well be doing a Couch to 5K program, run a minute, walk a minute.  Geez it's ridiculous.  I feel like my legs weigh 800lbs and I'm huffing along like a gimpy elephant.   It's just not fair.  2 years of running and I take one freaking month off and it's like I've never run before.    It doesn't help that I'm about 6lbs heavier than I'd like to be, which is like I'm carrying a bag of sugar with me on every run.  Today I ran 2 miles on the trail and then did 3 -one mile repeats on the Boathouse hill.  God, that hill sucks!  I was pretty happy with my performance.  My new goal will be to run that freaking hill without having to stop, by the end of summer.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Can you say EMPLOYED!!

My boy went for his first real world job interview today!!
And he slayed it!  He will be working down at the park and marina behind our house.  He'll be working on the docks renting boats, kayaks etc and then he'll also be a "caretaker" which means he'll drive around in a golf cart taking care of stuff. It's a couple hours a day, 5 days a week and the hours will be flexible around his coxing and college visits.  I'm very happy that he has something that will get him out of his cave in the basement, give him a little more spending money, zack, but won't completely overtake his summer.  Really the best of both worlds!  GO Zack!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer in pictures

Now I know it's summer....
Where the hell am I living?  Seriously....and the humidity...don't even...

Three new summer beverages to try...  white and red sangria, just add fruit.  And Sweet Tea Vodka mixed with lemonade, an alcoholic Arnold Palmer!!

Back to fabulous salads... this is fresh Hyzy caught Alaskan Salmon 

Fruit, fruit and more fruit.  Unlimited fruit... next up, breaking out the Ninja Smoothie maker!
While I don't welcome the heat and the humidity this early in the summer, everything else is more than welcome.  Zoey and I are on Operation Slim Down and the fruit and salads will go a long way toward that goal.  The beverages... probably not so much... but everything in moderation!