Friday, August 7, 2015

Run This Year - 700 miles

I hit the 700 mile mark at my erg class with Zack right next to me!

I'm still hanging in there, although mainly I'm getting rowing miles in.  I'm lucky if I get 2-3 runs in a week.  It's really rough, I'm really starting to feel discouraged, but I think I just need to ride it out.  There are always ups and downs in everything - work, relationships, fitness, running etc... I'm just in a low place at the moment and if I can just hang on, I'm sure it's going to get better.  The most important thing is, no matter how bad it seems I can't stop pushing through and running.  As soon as I give myself permission to stop or "take a break" -it's going to be all over, I know I'll never get started again.  So, hang in there and keep on pushing is my plan right now...

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

College Visit #3 - William and Mary

On the road again... college visit #3 - William and Mary.  It was sort of a late, last minute addition.  It original wasn't in the running for consideration because they don't have an engineering program.  They are a straight up liberal arts program, but when Zack decided he was going to go more the Math or Physics route, then we decided to consider them.   First negative... you have to go down 95 South to get there... that is always an iffy proposition, but we were very lucky.
Crim Dell Bridge - "Most romantic" and "Most instagramed" spot on campus

Once again meeting up with his man - TJ

College visits are hard work!

It went fine, standard tour. I think overall we were both underwhelmed by the tour.  I expected to be a little more Wowed than I was.  It's the most expensive Va school with a very elite reputation, but to be honest it felt a little tired and shabby to me.  I think Zack liked it a little more than I did, but I don't think it's anywhere close to UVa or VT.  But it was good for comparison purposes.  3 down 1 to go.  We'll hit George Mason next week and then I think we'll be done, except for any re-visiting Zack wants to do.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hyzy Hideaway

The closing on the cabin went just fine.  John is now the proud, dare I say giddy, owner of his own cabin hideaway. We've started moving in all the furniture and furnishings that he's accumulated.  It's actually shaping up to be quite a nice little place.  It's going to be very comfortable, not like camping at all.
The living room shaping up with a nice comfy sofa and loveseat

The main bedroom

Looking from the bedrooms

The view from the deck.
We're going to stock the cabin with movies, puzzles and books.  It will make a nice little hiding away spot.  There are still quite a few things left to do and to get, slowly but surely we'll get there.   The trick is going to be training the dogs not to run away every time we get up there.  I'm sure they'll love it, but I certainly don't want them to get lost in the woods and eaten by bears or shot by the neighbors!!  It's actually turning out a little bit nicer that I expected.  I think I'll probably end up going up more than I originally thought. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

OMG! Look what I did....

With all the cabin buying excitement, I've been feeling a little bit left out... not really, but I have been "banking" some "one for you, one for me" points in my mental bank just in case something came up that I really wanted...
Buying a single, what the hell am I thinking?!?  I don't even know how to scull, I've only done it 3 times and NEVER in a single.... But.... John bought a cabin... :o)
Seriously, John Meehan just happened to bring back 4-5 of his own singles from Buffalo that he was hoping to sell.  I figured if I was ever going to get a single, now would be the time.  John M would probably give me a good deal, put me in a boat that was good for me and if I had any problems with it, he'd be around for me to go to for help.  We talked about it and we had a little money left over from refinancing the house and buying the cabin and my John agreed.  So, now I have a single...
Zack has been very good about helping me out, giving me pointers.  My first day I went out, he sat on the dock with me and held the stern while I practiced a little bit.  He's such a good boy.
After my brief "lessons" trying to build up enough courage to push off from the dock.

Moving very slowly around the cove.

I've been out about 4 times so far.  I've made it all the way to Sandy Run and back.  Haven't flipped yet.  Still trying to decide if I should go ahead and flip on purpose in the cove with John or Zack there or if I should just wait until it happens naturally.  When I talk to other people, the opinions are split. For now I'm just waiting on the "natural flip." :o)  I wonder how long it's going to take before I feel comfortable enough that I can actually enjoy being out there?  Right now, I'm so tense and nervous it's hard to enjoy anything.  I can feel myself doing a bunch of things wrong - dragging my blades on the water, pausing at the release to make sure I'm steady - I'm sure it's just because I'm still so new at it.  Every day is a little bit better.  The challenge has been that I can't, yet, carry it by myself, so I'm dependent on someone, usually Zack, (have I mentioned what a good boy he is) helping me carry it down to the dock and then I text and he helps me carry it back up to the house.  I think eventually I'll be able to do it by myself.  John and I are looking at getting a cart that will help me, then it will just be a matter of getting it out of the fence myself.  It's not that it's too heavy, it's just 31lbs, but it's so long an awkward that it's going to take some work.
Pondering how to "rack my boat"

My brilliant husband spent a whole weekend building me a rack to keep my boat on!  It's fabulous and he can keep is kayak underneath it.  Win/win!  Now I just need to get a cover for it to keep it protected from the elements and animals.  For now I'm borrowing oars from Woodbridge, god knows we have enough of them so I'll probably do that until I can't any more.   I must admit, it's pretty exciting.  I'm already planning a "Summer Camp" outing next summer with my rowing friend Jullie.  It's a 4 day, sleep over camp for sculling in singles!  So, I'll just stumble along by myself this summer and then get some real guidance and be ready to go!

Idaho 2015

Ian was out there 2 weeks ago and had some concerns, so I headed out to visit Dad and see for myself. He seems to be doing much better since his surgery, recovery is going well, but he's just not eating well, he's never been a good eater.  I planned to cook all sorts of tempting items, ply him with food and then leave stuff in the freezer for them to eat later.
First stop is always Jack in the Box!!  Oh how I love my Jack in the Box!

I just love Idaho.  The weather was stunningly gorgeous!  Low 80's at the highest, no humidity.  I was able to get my runs in without dying and we spent most of our time just sitting on the porch enjoying the weather and watching the pond and wildlife.  They really do have the most beautiful oasis in their backyard.

It really is so relaxing and rejuvenating to just sit out there and relax.  No phone calls, no email, just peace and quiet and good conversation.  I was also designated the "freezer police" this trip.  I cleaned out all 3 freezers, reorganized and then filled with casseroles.  It was great fun teasing Louise about the amount of crap in their freezers!  If it was completely covered in ice, unrecognizable or older than 5 years - into the trash it went.  4 enormous bags of trash later...she took the ribbing pretty gracefully. 
No trip to Idaho is complete without a trip to the Casino!  Personally, I don't get the lure - but I enjoyed having lunch and hanging out with them.  I prefer a game that requires at least a little skill, like solitaire! :o)  Not just push a button and wait to see what happens.  But I played along just like everyone else.  Started with my $20, tried to find machines that had some sort of significance.  Played a "Buffalo Bill" machine in honor of John - loser.  Played "Prince Charming" in honor of Zack - loser.  Played "Aliens" for myself - even bigger loser.  Down to my last few dollars... Found "Lucky Horses" in honor of Brenna....

"Lucky Horses" - BIG WINNER!!!  Thanks Brenna Hyzy!  Started with $20 and came home with $63.77!  Pretty darn exciting... then we went to the movies and I had POPCORN and CANDY with my winnings.  It was a "go crazy" kind of day!  I think it was good for Dad and Louise to get out and they both seemed to enjoy themselves. 
Overall, it was a good visit, Dad seems to be doing very well, handling everything about as well as I could expect.  He ate really well while I was cooking - maybe so I wouldn't feel bad, but if guilt gets him to eat, then I'll take it!  I'll probably try and head back up there when his reconstruction surgery is scheduled, if he decides to go thorough with it.  His Dr. seems to be an anti-smoking fanatic and is threatening not to do the reconnection surgery if Dad doesn't quit smoking.  Seems a little iffy-iffy to both Ian and me, so I told Dad to try and get a second opinion and we'll go from there.  I'll keep checking in regularly, nagging him to eat and walk and hopefully he'll have many more years of my nagging!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Brenna fishing update... giving her Daddy a run for his money....

Brenna has taken to fishing like...... a fish to water... :o)
She started out small....

But it looks like there's no stopping her now!  The folks she's staying with at her current bat site have a boat and it appears love to go fishing.  I think she may give John a run for his money when she comes back for another visit!  I guess it may actually be in the DNA.  I know John is one proud Papa and is thrilled when she calls to discuss fishing or lures, or bait or whatever it is that fisher people talk about!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Run This Year - 600 miles

Running is still a struggle and nightmare for me right now, but I'm trying to hang in there and not give up on my resolution and running entirely...  I have managed to get 3 runs in while in Idaho.  The weather has been just beautiful, 70's low 80's, no humidity!  The good think about Idaho... is it's FLAT!!

I don't think these cows had ever seen a grown woman in pink spandex.  They seem truly puzzled!

I hit 600 miles with nothing but cows, wheat and farm machinery around me!  It was a nice change.